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Xtreme Marine Darwin

Formerly GS Marine, Xtreme Marine Darwin is now the sole builder & supplier of the Xtreme alloy range of boats.

Xtreme Marine Darwin operate from a new location at 1/8 Travers St Coconut Grove.

As well as building the popular Xtreme range of boats we also stock a large range of box/boat & camper trailers and a large range of dinghies.

Drop in and see us or give us a call.


All of our boats are designed, constructed and fitted out in Darwin by our dedicated Team who are as passionate about the boats they build as they are about fishing! (no boats are built off-shore).  Our workshop motto is “Build it like it’s your own, with PRIDE, PASSION and QUALITY!”


After many years of building mostly survey boats for professional guides and fishermen, GS Marine began producing a range of boats for recreational boat users. The range became known as “Xtremes.”

The Territory is a harsh environment, where boating includes being able to go out to sea on the good days and the bad but also the good days that turn bad. Where navigating around sand bars, rock bars, reefs, or boating in rivers and estuaries that are crocodile infested is a part of the Territory scene.

Demand for a plate boat, built to be strong, reliable and safe, but priced for the domestic market resulted in the design of the much sought after Xtreme range.

The Xtremes come in a range of sizes and include, Side or Centre console, Runabout and, Bow-rider cofigurations.

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Let us make your Dream a Reality

It’s a glorious morning, you are in the big blue, a ball of bait fish breaks the surface and you are ready for that first bite…

Or perhaps your about to go over the side into a kaleidoscope of colour on a reef somewhere…

Or it’s a warm sunny day and the family are ready for a fun day skiing and swimming in the big outdoors…

Whatever your dream we at GS Marine take pride in providing you, our customers with boats that are ideal for your needs. Our commitment to all our customers is to provide quality boats, which are stylish, reliable, comfortable, practical, and safe.

We are proud of our boats and welcome you with pride into the GS Marine family.

Let us make your
Dream a Reality

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Xtreme - Bowrider 600

Xtreme - Tournament 550

Xtreme - Runabout

Xtreme - Centre Console

Xtreme - Side Console